Offaly singer pens heartfelt song for his beloved parents

The music may well be on ‘pause’ as far as live performances are concerned, but thankfully for fans, some artists have been keeping themselves busy in coque galaxy s10 plus the recording studio in the meantime.

Among them is the man who has become affectionately samsung a20e coque silicone referred to as ‘the singing barber’ over the last coque a50 samsung pompier few years, Colin Kenny. He has also made high profile appearances supporting galatasaray coque iphone 6 Tony Christie, Mike Denver, The Fureys, coque iphone 7 namaste coque a50 samsung a rabat and others.

With Will You Dance With Me, Annie he offers up a time honoured and sincere sentimentality, presented through the prism of his parents’ love, that’s certain to pull at the heartstrings of country fans.

“Yeah, it’s a very personal one for me this time, there’s no doubt about that,” Colin said.

“But you know what, coque samsung a20e game of thrones it’s actually an honour for me coque iphone 6 naruto shippuden to have been able to write this coque liquide samsung a5 2015 song. I feel like I’ve been very lucky in being able to see with coque sushi iphone 5 my own eyes over the years the great love that my parents have for each other. It’s a fire that they’ve been able to keep burning for such a long time, and that’s something that I’m very proud of as their son. coque samsung a40 army It’s not just a love; I feel like it’s a very special kind of love that they share.”

The Hot Country TV Award winner continued, “And of course, as the song itself tells in its story, great loves like coque stich iphone 5 s theirs often begin from just moments as simple as two people sharing a dance, back when the slow coque iphone 4 fille paillette set was still such an important part of any night out! Maybe the absence of the slow sets these days is denying us a lot of songs, too, who knows” Colin added.

“I have them to coque iphone 7 michael jackson thank for coque coque iphone 6 the idea behind this one, though, so they’ll always have a bit of a special place in my own heart too. To use a fishing analogy, it’s just coque iphone 7 steampunk about trying to bring the thing to shore! But being in a position to record something you’ve written that is so deeply personal to you, and coque samsung a20e simple to your family, and to everything else that coque de iphone 6 foot commandokieffer30241 comes with that, coque case ih iphone 6 that’s a privilege, so it is.”

With a hint of Foster and Allen’s Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You entwined in coque iphone 7 kasos its emotional DNA, this is likely a song that Colin Kenny will be taking requests for the rest of his career. A fine legacy to his own talent as coque samsung galaxy a40 rose gold a songsmith, and also, to his parents’ love story…