26 North Texas Innovators Who Are The Future Today Dallas Innovates

They are renegades, visionaries, and people who don’t take no for an answer.

They work in fields ranging from biotech to blockchain, artificial intelligence to the internet of things. With big ideas, solid investments, and the right connections, these men and women are forging the future of tech in North Texas and have the potential to change the world. in biomedical engineering and taking business classes at UT Dallas when he met a couple of faculty members who were researching non opioid pain relief. Rodriguez was intrigued. It took the men just three hours to decide to work together. Today, 31 coque spigen pour samsung a40 year old Rodriguez runs , a company focused on developing the next wave of drugs for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic pain. coque stitch samsung a70 He has raised $20 million in investments and grants since 2015. surgeon general declared opioid abuse a coque maserati iphone 8 plus public health crisis. CT 044 “works at the source of pain, unlike opioid and other analgesic painkillers,” Rodriguez says, “which work by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain.” In practical terms: CerSci’s pain drug does not affect the central nervous system, so no high and no addiction. What’s more, the mechanism by which the compound works makes it a possibility for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The company expects to enter human coque et vitre samsung a20e safety trials with CT 044 in early 2019 and to have results by the end of the year. coque samsung a40 silicone fleurs Read the Q+A for more on Lucas Rodriguez and .

Lucas Rodriguez, CerSci [Photo: Skyler Fike]

Plymouth AI

Stephen Ellis has a coque iphone 6 illustration passion for good coffee. His java pedigree includes stints at Pearl Cup and Urban Blend. He also has a passion coque en cuir iphone 5 for R in the field of artificial intelligence. As co founder and chief technology officer at Plymouth Artificial Intelligence, he’s doing more than drinking lattes. Former director of the North Texas Blockchain Alliance, Ellis formed the company with two others in 2016; until mid 2018 it operated in stealth mode, focusing on the intersection of AI and other emerging technologies such as blockchain, DNA sequencing, and robotics. Now, says Ellis, the startup is ready for prime time. “Most of the applications of AI today are focused on helping humans handle more and more data, but it’s time for a new set of platforms coque iphone 8 voiture americaine aimed at enabling highly accurate actions effortlessly,” Ellis says.

Stephen Ellis, Plymouth AI [Photo: Skyler Fike]Ali Agha wants to start a revolution. In 2016, Agha learned about the blockchain based platform Ethereum. It was love at first sight. “I knew immediately it was what I wanted to dedicate my life to,” says the 26 year old son of Pakistani immigrants. Agha began buying all the Ether coins (the monetary unit of Ethereum) he could afford for $10 each. “By the time January 2017 comes around, it’s $1,200,” he says. He used the windfall to start a blockchain innovation firm called , which is wanxideng coque samsung a40 now the most prominent coque iphone 4 noir blockchain services provider in Texas. The company’s clients include IBM and Thomson Reuters, but building custom solutions for large corporations is only part of the business, Agha says. Olypsis is dedicated to creating cutting edge decentralized technology solutions that will make the world a more fair and equitable place. To that end, in January 2018, the company will release Dawn, a product that facilitates coque iphone 6 violet trustless peer to peer transfer of data “a portal to the decentralized web,” Agha says. No coque samsung s6 edge glitter rose one can censor it, coque apple rose iphone 5 and it’s essentially unhackable. “It provides the equivalent of person to person interaction while being totally anonymous and trustless,” he says.

Ali Agha,[Photo: Skyler Fike]

Neuro Rehab VR

Each year more than 800,000 people in the United States suffer a stroke or other traumatic brain injury. Thousands more are diagnosed with spinal cord injuries coque iphone 7 8 jaune and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s. “There is no cure for brain damage, but [people] can get better with extensive physical and cognitive training,” says Veena Somareddy, who co founded Fort Worth based Neuro Rehab VR. The 29 year old heads up the company that launched in 2017 to create engaging, fun, motivating, and customized VR/AR exercises that strengthen and form new neural pathways in the brain. “Patients immersed in the virtual 3D environment tend to forget about their limitations in the real world, since they are not influenced by the bias of their diagnosis,” she says. Somareddy studied computer science and game design at UTD and held internships in Silicon Valley before she began developing virtual and augmented reality games and experiences coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 london for medical training and simulation. In December 2018, Neuro Rehab VR received a $225,000 research grant coque iphone 8 plus avec sangle from the National Science Foundation, which will fund the development of new products in 2019. Read the Q+A for more on Veena Somareddy and Neuro Rehab VR.

Veena Somareddy, Neuro Rehab VR [Photo: Skyler Fike]If you’ve noticed the unique looking tower off I 35 east just outside Waxahachie and wondered, the what you’re not alone. The structure belongs to , which is the culmination of more than four decades of research in the field of electromagnetic surface waves, says CEO Michael Miller. “Our research focuses mainly on methods to propagate the electromagnetic phenomenon known as the Zenneck surface coque iphone 6 avec miroir wave,” he says. Viziv’s primary engineering focus is development of a means to synthesize this surface wave in real world conditions.” This would solve several problems, Miller says. One of them: lack of basic resources in developing nations. According to The World Bank Annual Report, in 2013 1.06 billion people did not have access to reliable electricity. “Our technology will be a global economic catalyst, especially in developing countries. Gen. Michael W. Miller and .

Michael Miller,[Photo: ]Since relocatingfrom Boston and Montreal to Dallas in 2017, Thierry Hubert has been busy. His AI company has evolved its EEG based machine learning system, which measures brain patterns, processes data, and helps people with brain injuries or disabilities communicate, to a coque psg iphone 6 place where it can be pre trained by someone close to a disabled person or even a person with a degenerative brain disorder. It has coque a20 samsung silicone also broken ground with machine learning and AI based personality analytics that can be used by companies for preand post employment testing and schools that want to identify at risk students. Projected Personality Interpreter leverages ‘s partnership with IBM Watson’s advanced artificial intelligence psychology algorithm to extract the thinking style, personality, social connections, and emotional state buried naturally in human language. You’ll be surprised what a five question quiz can reveal.

Thierry Hubert, Claudia Mirza co foundedas a home based translation business in 2002. Today, the provider of translation, interpretation, staffing, call centers, learning services, and localization is the 13th fastest growing woman owned business in the world and the fifth fastest growing language services company in the United States. “The language industry was one of the first to be hit by AI,” Mirza says. The rise of user generated content and telemedicine also shifted the direction of the company. In order to get ahead of the curve,made drastic coque samsung a10 harley quinn changes in its workforce, she says, such as hiring specialized talent who understand not only linguistics but also technology. The company currently has three patents pending for Adapt, its proprietary multimodal language services technology platform.

Claudia Mirza,[Photo: Michael Samples]”We pioneered the field known as ‘cloud supercomputing,’ or high performance computing in the cloud,” says Steve Hebert about , which he co founded in 2010 in his garage. Today, hundreds of customers, including Fortune 500 firms the world over, rely on theaccelerated computing platform to help them invent new technologies, develop products, or process data. From her office in Flower Mound, she leads a team who creates investigation software that coque iphone 5 livre tracks, traces, and monitors illicit activity associated with cryptocurrency. That means she’s on the forefront of halting the sale of illegal drugs, weapons, and child pornography, as well as shutting down assassinations and human trafficking around the world. “Cryptocurrencies have a justified bad reputation for being used in illicit activities,” she says. “They’ve previously been utilized because they are thought to be anonymous, but by utilizing human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, transactions can be tracked and traced to within the last 10 minutes.”..