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Yep, doesn even need to come off as aggressive. Email photos in the first week or two of living there, with the text “just wanted you to be aware I found these issues in the apartment”. And even then, just emailing them to yourself within those first couple weeks will be enough worst comes to worst (since that what going to matter in the end, you can rely on the landlord to keep the photos and having your own timestamped email will be enough if you get to court).

And just so people don get nervous about renting, I sure was, most landlords aren pieces of shit. Most are very accommodating. But you hear about these shitty cases and it definitely important to protect yourself. I rented twice in my life and the first landlord gave me the full deposit back like it was normal (which it should be, coque de samsung galaxie a5 2015 I was just scared due to the horror stories), and my second landlord didn even ask for a security deposit. I believe most are good, you just only hear about the shitty ones, but it is important to know the shitty ones exist and just be ready for that.

Similar story. We always travel with a small box of full size trash bags because over the years we crochet coque samsung found them to be incredibly useful when you least expect it. Woke up to a trashed hotel room; just like you, nothing broken, no major spills or anything . But trash everywhere all from a single night. Trash bags came in handy. At minimum we were able to collect all the trash, which we completely filled up three bags worth. There was no trash room so we had to leave them in the room. Left a generous tip directly next to them so as to communicate samsung galaxie core prime coque “sorry about this”. Still feel bad about it. coque iphone 6 magnifique anten33316 At least they didn need to pick it up themselves, they were probably relieved that at the sight of the trash it wasn all over the room instead . but still.

It doesn matter who is providing the VPN. Free VPNs should shoot coque arriere samsung coque iphone 6s blanche neige anten32253 j3 red flags off in your head immediately and should be avoided. It works Great. But running a VPN is not free. You could set one up for personal use and share it but your bandwidth is going to suffer when you try to scale up users (like pin up girl witch 2 iphone case providing a freely available public app). So Wang either argentina coque iphone 6 coqueiphone132357 a generous soul, or there a catch. And if something too good to be true, it usually coque samsung j3 2017 bois is. I put my money on Wang here collecting all of your data. VPNs function by having a sort of mail person take your request for data, bring it to a different physical location for you, and put it in the mailbox. The mail person waits at the same mailbox for the response, then carries it back to you. How do you know the mail person didn open your mail The answer here in this case is how much you trust Wang, who you presumably don know at all. So Wang could be reading every little piece of data that you send over the internet. Why would you trust him That silly and naive. Please smarten up and don use free VPNs. There absolutely an ulterior motive.

I never hacked multiplayer games and agree hacking Fall Guys is the largest bit of lunacy I encountered. To hack a game coque samsung a5 2016 surf like this is utter coque galaxie a40 nonsense. That true of probably all multiplayer games but especially for a cute lighthearted game like this. That being said, for one or two single player games I played I have installed a trainer, because I just want to play through the story without any stress. In coque huawei y6 2018 cdiscount Bioshock Infinite, I played through with unlimited ammo and probably some others, because I just wanted to play through the story coque samsung a5 2017 moto and feel like a badass. I used to get a kick out of beating something difficult but after crossing into adulthood with a career and other responsibilities that take up most of my time . I still want to game but more often than not don want to waste time beating something just for the sake of overcoming something difficult. I saw something on reddit recently that I thought was funny; easy mode isn for kids, it for adults that don have the time to beat it on a harder setting. I played a little bit of Witcher 3 on hard and really enjoyed the necessity of learning about the beast I need to slay and properly preparing for it. But if I tried to play the whole game like that I likely burn out or get annoyed with a particularly difficult portion of the game and start playing something else. These days single player games I usually pick Easy or Medium and reserve the harder settings for if I still hungry for more on subsequent playthroughs. One game where I thought playing on Easy especially benefitted gameplay was coque bumper samsung galaxy a70 the new God of War. I the fucking God of War right I should be able to punch people into another plane of existence with ease. I think Easy is a fantastic way to play that game, even just from a immersive coque samsung galaxy kzoom standpoint. Anyway, super off topic rant is over, cheating in Fall Guys is dumb.

The reason why you need a medical degree, or why a robot can do the whole thing, is because you need to know what to do when something goes wrong. Hardly ever is it the case that everything goes ideally. The medical degree is meant to provide you with wide and deep knowledge of the entire human body and its connectedness so when things go wrong, you able to coque galaxie a5 2017 silicone adapt. So while a video game professional could probably follow instructions and perform a surgery in ideal conditions, you still going to want a doctor on hand for when the conditions are inevitably not ideal, and at that point, might as well have the doctor do it. On top of that, I doubt there very much overlap between professional video game players and surgeons. I sure there are gamers that are surgeons, but I doubt they pros. Med school, residency, and actually any career besides gaming verre coque iphone 6 is going to take too much time away from gaming to achieve or maintain a “pro gamer” skill level. It a fun thought but odds are unlikely you ever see something like this.

A couple is enoughI been gaming for like 20 years and appreciate even seeing older titles even if I haven heard of them. There was a retro game store for a while in my area that I would just go to occasionally and hang out for a couple hours. I don collect physical copies because we still in the stage of our lives where we haven settled yet, but the shop had old magazines and game guides that were 15+ years old. Picked a few of those up. I especially love reading the outlook on future games / consoles and how crazy they were going to be, in contrast to how things actually are now or how they turned out. I could easily see myself spending a full day down here just quietly looking at boxes, reading manuals, etc. This is just so super cool to me. Really, fantastic work. Love it and wish I had the patience and space to do something similar, thank you for sharing!

Omfg. I was babied until I moved out of my parent house and never had to cook. My girlfriend was starting med school so I decided to pick up cooking to help out. I knew you could bake veggies which seemed easy, but didn want them to get stuck to the pan or whatever. So I tossed them in olive oil. Then I was like “yo salt is good on anything” so I cranked some salt on. And then I saw garlic powder and thought “fuck it I love garlic”. They were so damn good and I always make them like that now. Anyway my point is, THIS IS A THING!

I was doing a box rail on a snowboard once (they like wide rails that you grind) dragon ball coque samsung and naturally there a ramp up to get on top of it. Couldn see the end of the rail until I was on it, but there this like 4 or 5 year old child laying on the ground at the end of the rail, arms and legs spread out. Mom is like 30 feet down the hill, I can tell she coque iphone 6 football ol anten34385 imagining the horror that about to unfold. Once you on a box rail, assuming you mounted it right, you kind of at the whim of the slide as far as direction goes . so I just put all of my weight into leaning to the right to fall off the box rail so coque huawei p8 lite 2017 personalisable I didn crush this dumbass kid. If you bring your kids to a ski park or a bike trail or whatever, parents seriously need to make it SUPER CLEAR that you under no circumstances never ever stand at the end of a rail or jump. But I sure even coque galaxy s7 edge paillette if they do, kids are fucking stupid…