Chee Soon Juan posts photo proving pedestrian pavements are needed in Bukit Batok

Singapore Opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) leader coque apple iphone 6 or Chee Soon Juan took to social media to reiterate the need for pedestrian coque huawei p10 lite belgique pavements in Bukit Batok after uploading a photo of a lady walking with a young child coming coque huawei y7 2018 fnac dangerously close to passing vehicles.

Dr Chee was in Bukit Batok huawei p smart coque arbre Block 190 on Sunday morning (September 6) and witnessed instances where pedestrians coque iphone 6 portugais walked coque huawei p10lite rouge too close to vehicles passing the area coque mojito iphone 6 due to the lack of sidewalks. In the latest Facebook post highlighting the issue, Dr Chee attached a photo to prove his point.

“This first photo says it all, doesn’t it A car came dangerously close to a lady walking with a young child,” he said. “The lady quickly pulled the girl coque huawei mate 8 pastel closer to her while coque huawei p8 lite 2017 electro depot the car had to swerve outwards to avoid hitting them.”

“In the short span of an hour, while I was there, I witnessed a few similar incidents where cars were coque iphone 6 japonais driving uncomfortably close to pedestrians, many with young children, who had to walk on the road because there isn’t a proper and separate pavement for them.”

Dr Chee had spoken coque iphone 6 420 to several residents regarding the issue, and coque samsung j3 2016 chocolat they confirmed that this was a problem that needed to be addressed. According to Dr Chee, a resident had brought the matter to the attention samsung j3 2016 coque zen of Bukit Batok’s parliamentarian Mr Murali coque iphone 6 skate Pillai last year iphone 6 coque coque samsung sonic fluo “but was told that if a footpath was built, then the people would want a shelter to cover the walkway which is not possible.”

Since losing for the second time against Mr Murali at Bukit Batok during the 2020 General Elections, coque iphone xs max silicone transparente Dr Chee has continued highlighting the concerns of residents, standing on the belief that the single member constituency deserves a full time Member of Parliament (MP).

The MPs at the Town Council seemed not to have learnt the lesson after a fire broke out in 2019 at Bukit Batok Block 210A which resulted in the coque iphone 6 extra fine death of a resident because hose reel cabinets were locked and the water supply was cut off, reminded Dr Chee.

He called for the Jurong Clementi Town Council to look coque solaire iphone 6 into the matter and take action before something serious happens. “The safety of residents must not be compromised.”

Members from the online community agreed with Dr Chee, noting the “people only wanted coque galaxy s8 silicone jeux a footpath coque iphone 6 alcantara for safety purposes.” Facebook user Donnie Lee observed the lack of a safe walkway for pedestrians was “pretty common in most estates.”..