SWTOR Guild Flagship Unlocking Costs Guide

You get one floor for free, this is the bridge floor with Officer’s Deck and escape pods, The other 4 floors need to be unlocked and they coque iphone 5 kawaii pop corn contain 15 rooms in total.

Each room have an unlocking cost of 5 million credits and 2 6 Frameworks. Each Framework requires 50 Encryptions of iphone 4 coque naruto the same type. Encryptions can be obtained coque iphone 6 godfather as weekly rewards from Guild Conquest (1 each), from the Conquest Commanders coque silicone iphone 5 s rouge you kill on the various planets, or from crafting (costs 1 Dark Project each, doesn’t matter which coque je peux pas jai poney iphone 6 type).

Conquest Commanders have a chance to drop the Framework directly as well. Everyone in the group/raid who killed the Commanders will get 1x Encryption at least, which can greatly speed this step up.

Encryptions and Frameworks can be brought from the Flagship vendor next to the directory where you unlocked your guild flagship.

So there are Different types of Conquest that will have coque iphone xs max camouflage different kinds of objectives. Depending on the planet your guild invades, the focus will shift towards one aspect of gaming or another.

For Example: Currently on the PTS the Conquest Event: of Power samsung a6 2018 coque is active and 3 planets are available for Guilds to Conquer: Alderaan, Voss and Makeb.

Each planet has specific objectives/missions that provide bonus to the conquest: Alderaan you get bonus from Flashpoints Warzones Heroic Missions. Makeb it Warzones Crafting Missions Heroic Missions and Voss its crafting missions.

Concentrating in either of these missions gives you bonuses to your guild conquest, coque huawei mate 20 lite espace however you are not limited to these. You can participate in other objectives for personal conquest.

At the end of the event the Top 10 Guilds Per Planet will be rewarded while the 1 guild will control the planet and have special temporary rewards like Starfighter Flyby and Walker mounts.

Each Event lasts for 6 days with the 7th day allowing guilds to see their rewards and strategize on where they want to conquer next.

If your guild is in the top 10 or if you meet your personal conquest threshhold you will be rewarded Mats that are needed to unlock the other parts of your ships (Encryptions which used to get frameworks, the mats you need to unlock the other areas of your ships)

There are special Mini World Bosses on 8 planets that have the potential of dropping a framework and encryption for each member of your Raid Party. The catch is each Commander is in the Opposite Factions Territory, therefore attacking these commanders flags you for pvp.

I keep reading these comments about how a guild ship is finally something that guilds have to work towards and put effort into, but I not really sure how well people have thought this through. I will admit that right now, as coque iphone xs crane of 2.82, a guild ship that costs 50m alone would be a way to coque iphone 5 pompier show that a guild has worked for something; albeit that bigger guilds have worked less than smaller guilds. However, a 50m ship is only a portion support pour telephone universel pour iphone x 7 8 plus support de bureau en plastique pour samsung of what is being released, and it seems like an unnecessary gate to limit content that provides no discernible benefit or prestige to a guild.

Why shouldn every coque grand plus samsung galaxy guild be able to get a ship, to travel together on, RP on, hold guild events on, etc What does having a guild ship provide for those who want to stand out other than the epeen factor of it being a 50m guild ship

With the release of the conquest system, the serious guilds who want to work and strive for something coque iphone xs princesse to distinguish them in the game will have that opportunity. From the sound of it, only the guilds with the dedicated members who are willing to coque iphone 5 rose put in the effort will be conquering planets, so what is truly the harm in making the ship itself more accessible As it has been said before, 50m really isnthatdifficult to get(though it gets considerably harder with fewer people in the guild), but it seems like it an excessive amount regardless.

Then when you consider that the smaller guilds thatdowork coque decapsuleur iphone xr for the ship will be unable to actually utilize it for the content it was created for, it makes the price seem even more absurd. A RP guild with only eight dedicated members will probably never conquer anything even a PvE guild with twenty may never conquer anything, so why make the additional cosmetic content that the ship does provide to anyone who gets it the lock out point when the conquest system itself will already function as a means of setting guilds apart

Not dailies over and over again running them once on half the characters is enough. A lot of effort if you want to do it in a day if the number of accounts is lower (we have about 120 accounts covering 460 members), but I don think it a bad thing saving up for a guild ship takes more than a day.

Bottom line is that a large guild can get the money with a day of very hard work, or a week of taking it slow. A small guild can get it with a week or so coque transparente huawei mate 20 pro of hard work, or a month or two of taking it slow.

All that is assuming all the people in your guild have 0 credits now. Realisticly, a big guild will have more than enough money in it members banks to cough up a ship before launch. A small guild may have to put some work into coque marbre blanc iphone 6 it.

Even if they somehow had that many, are all of them subs Only subs can add cash to guild bank.

Okay, you will argue that can trade, but, coque huawei p30 pro officielle preferred people have a different mindset; they work harder for money, will every pref give his 200k to a random stranger unsure of it ever making it way into a bank

Then, there are the F2Ps, we have those, too. They can even run most dailies. Or trade. Or have more than coque lacoste iphone 6 plus 200k on hand.

Then, comes a matter of getting the proverbial 250 people to cooperate.

Think back to those times at school when you had to bring a coin for a donation. How many people cooperated Certainly not 50%.

I really happy now seeing the flagship. It is soo big that I hate it. I don even want a HUGE space to get lost in when our guild doesn have enough members to even fill the coque iphone 6 swa space that you can unlock. It just my thing that I don like big spaces, even in real life. I want stuff to be pretty, simple and organized (yes I such coque samsung tabs5e a hipster judge me). I watched the video (thanks Dulfy) and it really is too big for ex. a guild of 50 members. I have a look at the planetary conquests but that all. It the same thing with strongholds. I wish DK stronghold was even smaller but since it the smallest one I take that one.

I see your point, it is just like having 20 people on fleet; only you don need to pay upwards of 80 million for it.

It could get rather lonely, and seeing the sheer amount of effort involved, and not seeing any actual gain, I am beginning to consider the it gives not worth the effort.

And if planetary conquests turn out to be a gankfest, or somehow impact on other players who have not conquered them, I sticking with my 5 months of sub, and then it SHIFT+DELETE on the swtor folder…