realme C15 Gaming Review with teen wolf coque iphone 6 coque japan huawei p8 lite 2017 FPS Tests ML

Aside from a massive 6,000mAh battery, the realme coque mercedes huawei p20 pro C15 also boasts a gaming huawei view 10 coque centric MediaTek Helio G35 coque iphone 6 yz processor with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

I tested the gaming performance of the 3GB variant coque samsung a8 2018 avec anneau by playing Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and NBA 2K20. During the gameplay, GameBench Pro measured the average frame rate coque samsung a8 motif which measures the smoothness of the game.

Mobile Legends on coque bois huawei p30 pro the realme C15 is set to medium graphics quality by default. I changed this to HD graphics quality and turned on shadows in the settings for the first gaming coque huawei y6 2017 lumineuse test.

After 10 minutes of coque iphone 6 plus ourson 3d playing, GameBench Pro coque huawei gr3 2017 tunisie reported an average frame rate of 37 coque bois huawei p9 fps only. It playable but it was laggy with a lot of frame drops coque roger federer iphone 6 during clashes.

Disabling the coque iphone 6 verre shadows resulted in a slightly better experience and coque iphone 6 silicone cute a more stable frame rate of 55 fps. However, it can only achieve a perfect 60 fps by setting the graphics quality to low and changing the map to the old one.

Call of Duty MobileSmartphoneAverage Frame Rate in MLrealme C1549 fpsrealme 6i59 fps

realme C359 fps

Average frame rates while playing Call of Duty Mobile at low graphics quality.

Call of Duty Mobile on the realme C15 only enables low graphics quality in the settings. This coque iphone xr comme des garcons play is the usual case with entry level chipsets.

However, coque iphone 6 entrepreneur the device still struggled to provide a smooth gaming experience. GameBench Pro measured an average frame rate of 49 fps coque huawei p smart aliexpress only.

The realme C15 can run NBA 2K20 but the game sets retirer coque huawei y6 its video settings to the lowest values by default. Since it runs offline, the game is still playable despite an average frame rate of 38 fps only.

To compare the realme C15 performance to other smartphones, I repeated the FPS test with the video settings set to high or ultra coque iphone 6 bleue high. The coque de samsung a10 stitch result is a disappointing 14 fps and laggy gameplay…