An anti-doping system must also be able to tolerate cases like this not being punished with the full sword of two or four years, “said Lehner.

The international sports court Cas saw as proven that the Russian Yevgeny Ustjugow is guilty of a doping offense and thus confirmed a decision of the Biathlon World Federation IBU. Source: “Alexandre Mazzia sees himself as a culinary” “jewel seller” “. (Photo: imago images / Hans Lucas) Restaurants in France should not be allowed to reopen until January 20. The local star kitchen is creative and discovers food Trucks for themselves. However, the top chefs earn nothing from the sale of the delicious dishes. France discovers the star food truck: Because of the continued closure of their restaurants in the corona pandemic, top chefs are relying on “” Gastro-Mobile “”.

In the southern French port city of Marseille, several chefs offer their creations to take away. Alexander Mazzia from Restaurant AM, which has two stars in the Michelin guide, sees himself as a culinary “jewel seller” “, as he said. Long queues form at lunchtime in front of his rolling restaurant “” Michel “” on the Boulevard Prado. As starters he offers “” Iced beetroot nectar with white balsamic vinegar “” or “” Grilled pumpkin with lemon pomade “”, and lamb stew as a main course Beets, red cabbage and sweet potatoes. A takeaway menu costs 24 euros.

He’s not making a profit, says Mazzia. “” My aim is to keep my head above water during the lockdown and indulge my passion. “” Top chefs also serve their dishes in a food truck at the old port of Marseille. Lionel Levy, Ludovic Turac and Coline Faulquier from various star restaurants in the city take turns there in November. For them it is financially a little “” oxygen shower “”, as Levy says. President Emmanuel Macron has given the French restaurateurs no hopes: the restaurants are not due to open until January 20 at the earliest due to the continued high number of infections , mba / AFP “Sachsenbacher-Stehle is banned for doping – apparently wrongly. (Photo: imago / Kosecki) At the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, biathlete Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle is tested positive for doping and is banned.

She always asserts that she did not intentionally have doped – and is now getting confirmation. Whistleblower Grigory Rodschenkow explains what happened then. Ex-biathlete Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle does not want to take legal action after the exonerating statements of the Russian whistleblower Grigori Rodschenkow. “” I don’t know if I wanted to reheat the whole thing. The whole thing took so much strength from me, it was a really shitty time. I’m glad that I was able to complete that for myself, “” said the 39-year-old about her doping ban after the 2014 Olympics. In addition, she doesn’t know whether she could even take legal action.biology essay writing services usa According to excerpts from Rodschenkov’s book (“” The Rodschenkow Affairs “”), which will be published this Thursday, said that the Russian scams at the 2014 Winter Olympics were fatal to Sachsenbacher-Stehle. “” The first victim was the German athlete Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle “, writes Rodschenkow.

She had a small amount of methylhexanamine in her urine after a race; her case was a borderline case. But to prove the functionality of his Russian laboratory, in which, according to the McLaren report, positive Russian doping samples were covered up, Rodchenkov reported the case. Achenbacher-Stehle had been banned by the IBU Biathlon World Federation for two years, the Cas International Sports Court reduced the sentence to six months.

Sachbacher-Stehle had declared the positive test by taking a contaminated tea powder. According to the Wada Code, athletes are responsible for the substances they ingest. “” To what extent the case or certain measured and limit values ​​have to be reassessed is currently difficult for us to assess. It was and is in any case undisputed that Evi never acted with deliberate and fraudulent intent, “” said Stefan Schwarzbach, Head of Communication at the German Ski Association.

Just as indisputable is her negligence at the time: “” Taking the dietary supplement was a mistake for which Evi unfortunately had to pay dearly at the end of her career. “” The International Olympic Committee leaves no doubt that the ex-biathlete Evi Sachsenbacher -Stealing has violated anti-doping rules. As the IOC announced, the “” question of the low concentration of the prohibited substance “” was examined by the IOC Medical Commission before confirming the analysis result of their doping test. This is what the IOC’s disciplinary commission did when it came to the decision to disqualify Sachbacher-Stehle. Sachbacher-Stehle’s fears that she will not be able to do anything retrospectively was confirmed by sports lawyer Michael Lehner: “” The remedy has been identified, and even under today’s regulations she would have gotten into it just as well.

And that’s why you can’t even think of claims for damages, because what was wrongly decided according to the regulations. “” He went on to say: “” When I see the Wada code, according to the regulations there was an obligation to also admit small amounts Report. A clear violation of the doping laboratory would not have been reported, “” said Lehner. For the lawyer from Heidelberg, the actually more interesting news is that the laboratories apparently claim their own sovereignty, “” which case we report positively and which not. “” Nevertheless, from his point of view, Sachsenbacher-Stehle would have a warning from the world association was banned for two years is enough.

For him it is a good example of discussing the interpretation of the regulations. “An anti-doping system must also be able to tolerate cases like this not being punished with the full sword of two or four years,” said Lehner. In addition, at such low concentrations as in today’s 39-year-olds, “” those who have no performance improvement at all “”, the burden of proof that they did not dop would have to lie with the association instead of with the athlete, said Lehner. Source:, ara / dpa “Fourcade presents his last trophy. (Photo: imago images / Lehtikuva) Martin Fourcade ends his grandiose biathlon career with a victory. The Italian Dorothea Wierer repeats her overall success in the women’s category – but here, too, the farewell to an icon prevails After winning the 79th World Cup in his impressive career, France’s biathlon superstar Martin Fourcade enjoyed the champagne shower and congratulations from his opponents.

He even shook hands with Russian ex-doper Alexander Loginow, whom Fourcade always approached openly as the big speaker in the anti-doping fight. With a fantastic success in the pursuit at the World Cup final in Kontiolahti, Finland, the exceptional talent almost set it perfect end to his career. “” It’s a special day for me, “” said Fourcade with tears in his eyes: “” There are tears of joy and pride. “” He had definitely wished for another final next week in front of tens of thousands of fans in Oslo. But because of the corona crisis there was no replacement – and in Kontiolahti there were no spectators for the big Fourcade stage. Fourcade showed his whole class in the hunting race, but still narrowly missed his historic eighth overall victory. His Norwegian adversary Johannes Thingnes Bö snatched it from him, who was four points ahead of Fourcade in fourth place and repeated his previous year’s success. “” I am proud of my trip and could not have ended it better, “said Fourcade, who made his decision to resign after winning the World Cup relay gold from Antholz. In fifth place, Olympic Sprint Champion Arnd Peiffer made two mistakes for the best German result. Benedikt Doll (29) finished 19th, Kaiser Mäkäräinen (r.) Unfortunately did not make it onto the podium. (Photo: imago images / Newspix24) With this, the Germans ended the season with six individual podiums in the World Cup, Doll’s only win of the season. “” Arnd did well, but now the break is urgently needed.

We have things that need to be improved on, “” said national coach Mark Kirchner on ARD. His protégés were not always in top form this season, especially at the shooting range. After Denise Herrmann and Franziska Preuss achieved a double victory in the sprint, this time nothing worked in difficult wind conditions.

The duo fell far behind due to four mistakes in the second prone shooting – Preuss finished ninth after five mistakes, Herrmann had to be content with 16th place after eight penalties. Nevertheless, she ended the season in the overall World Cup, which was won by Italian Dorothea as in the previous year Wierer secured a strong third place. In addition, the 31-year-old from Saxony secured the small crystal ball in the sprint classification. After the season ended prematurely, the women’s team has three wins of the season by Herrmann and three further individual podium places in the World Cup – plus three World Cup silver medals by Herrmann, Vanessa Hinz and the relay. The French Julia Simon, Finland’s icon Kaisa Mäkäräinen, who ended her career like Fourcade, secured her first World Cup victory, finishing fourth in her last race. The sticking point for Herrmann and Preuss was the second prone shooting, where both had to go four times to the penalty loop. “” That was really shit “”, said the 26-year-old Preuss in the ARD: “” I didn’t even know where to turn.

It’s a shame that it caught me today. “” After the race in Kontiolahti, where no fans were allowed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season ends prematurely. The two mixed relays on Sunday were canceled without replacement, as was the actual World Cup final next week in Oslo. Source:, mba / dpa “Nations League against Albania? Two days before the opening game on Friday (8.45 p.m.) in Minsk The sports department of the government-loyal news agency Belta set other priorities. Much more important to the journalists was that a Belarusian team had won its first semi-final in Russia against competition from China, Azerbaijan and Serbia – in the tank biathlon. On the game of the national soccer team in the Olympic Stadium It was better not to point out the fact that the fear of renewed protests against the manipulation of the presidential election in August is too great.

It was only on Monday that many of the 500 admitted visitors to the stadium at the women’s cup final clearly urged state president Alexander Lukashenko to “run away”. Source: “Wolfgang Pichler is one of the most successful coaches ever. (Photo: imago / Camera 4) The former Biathlon trainer Wolfgang Pichler is on the mend after his heart problems and is no longer in an artificial coma. The 65-year-old is still in the intensive care unit, but should already be fully responsive again. Good news from Wolfgang Pichler: The former biathlon trainer is on the mend after suffering a heart attack at the end of September and can hope for a full recovery. “” The doctors are very confident, “” said his brother Claus Pichler to the “” Münchner Merkur “” and the “” tz “”. There is hope “” that there will be no consequential damage. “” The 65-year-old Pichler collapsed on September 27 on a bike tour hen. A defibrillator brought him back to life.

In the hospital in Traunstein, Pichler had two stents inserted to keep the blocked arteries open. Pichler is still in the intensive care unit, but has not been in an artificial coma for a few days. He is also approachable and has already asked about his first responders, whose quick help probably prevented worse effects. Wolfgang Pichler has been working in Sweden with a short break since 1995, between 2011 and 2014 he looked after the Russians, meanwhile he is for the National Olympic Committee of the Scandinavians active. Born in Ruhpolding, he is one of the most successful coaches ever – among other things, he led the legendary Swede Magdalena Forsberg to six victories in the overall World Cup. Pichler and his teams won 37 medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships. Source:, tno / dpa / sid “The two biathlon world cups from 4th to 17th

January 2021 in Oberhof will take place without spectators due to the corona pandemic. The presidium of the winter sports promotion association (WSRO) agreed on this after consultation with the local health authorities and the Free State of Thuringia, as the organizers announced. This threatens the World Cup host by 2023 a million loss.

So far, more than 17,000 tickets have been sold. At the beginning of October, the Biathlon World Association (IBU) and the German Ski Association (DSV) announced that due to the pandemic there would be no races in Ruhpolding, Bavaria, and instead a double event in Oberhof. Source: “Pichler in the World Cup Season 2018. (Photo: imago / Camera 4) The former biathlon trainer Wolfgang Pichler suffered a cardiac arrest while cycling and is currently in an artificial coma in the Traunstein hospital. “You can be cautiously optimistic,” said his brother Claus Pichler Claus Pichler, mayor of the biathlon stronghold of Ruhpolding for twelve years, said that his brother was in the best of hands, the first aid at the scene of the accident was excellent. His brother had not suffered any skull injuries, but the doctors had put him into an artificial coma Claus Pichler. His brother was traveling with a group of athletes, said Claus Pichler.

Wolfgang Pichler is one of the most successful trainers in biathlon. He worked for the Swedes for a total of 19 years. From 2011 to 2014 he was the coach of the Russian biathlon women. Pichler and his teams won 37 medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships. Source: “Completely exhausted at the finish line: Uschi Disl was better than most biathletes because she suffered extremely well. As a pioneer, Uschi Disl makes biathlon popular in Germany, celebrates great success with the relay and is crowned double world champion in singles at the 2005 World Cup.

Disl’s recipe for success: her irrepressible will. Now she’s taking it easy – and of course she’s teaching her daughter biathlon. Uschi Disl will celebrate her 50th birthday today in the middle of nowhere.

In Mora, Sweden, together with her partner Thomas and their two children Hanna and Tobias, on their own farm far away from the hustle and bustle of past years. One of the most successful biathletes in the country has searched the distance, the “Turbo Disl”, which was once so fast on the cross-country ski trail, “takes things a little easier today.” “We enjoy it in solitude, there is nobody else here,” “said they last in a video message.